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Leather repair Doncaster

Leather repair Doncaster, you have found us! Your local specialists in all forms of leather repair and renovation. We can deal with anything from cat scratches to deep cuts and scuffs on anything from your leather sofa to your leather jacket.

Leather repair Doncaster – Using the very best materials

Using the very best materials leather repair Doncaster will make your leather products look great again. It’s a fact that people will pay thousands of pounds on a nice new leather sofa. Have it for just a few years and because of an arm messed up by cat scratches. Or a cut that someone has done with something sticking out of their pocket. They are prepared to throw it away! This seems like madness to us. We can repair that for you.

Apart from the environmental impact, just look at the money that will be spent on new leather upholstery. Probably as much as a good summer holiday for the family. It’s a waste of family resources and besides, you are probably comfortable in that leather chair by now. We can bring it back to life for you.

Save money and stress -Leather repair Doncaster

Don’t throw it away! It does not have to be that way. We can come out and give you a quote for your leather repair work and if you like, we can sort it out for you. We will analyze your leather under the microscope to understand exactly what type it is and what has been used to colour it and we will explain what can and can’t be done. It’s all free by the way. And we do it all in your home. So forget worrying about moving it.

In addition, the very least you will know after our free quote is what sort of leather you have so that you can buy the correct leather cleaners and conditioners. Because using the wrong type can seriously damage your sofa even more.

Leather repair Doncaster

Leather repair Doncaster

We are a local family firm and we only cover Doncaster and the surrounding area. Highly trained in leather repair techniques by some of the best in the industry. So you can rest assured that you are in great hands. And that you will have a first class job that will last. We guarantee all of our work, so no worries there.

We can attend to the few scratches or completely re colour your furniture with our top quality British made products. So call us today for a free quote. Whether it’s leather repair or a deep down clean and re protect. We will give you the very best service in Doncaster.

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